In response to Hurricane Harvey’s devastating impact on our area, Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity has been asked to act as a short-term relief agency, as well as to help facilitate long-term recovery. This will be a three-part effort. Click on the titles below for more information.

Disaster Relief Efforts:

  1. Brush Up Golden Crescent - A minor repairs program with projects such as shingle repair, replacing windows, painting, etc. This program is in partnership with Ashley Homestore in Victoria.
  2. Habitat ReBuilds - Our NEW major repairs program that requires professionals or qualified volunteers with experience doing projects such as re-decking a roof, replacing broken beams, repairing porches, interior sheetrock. 
  3. Replacement Housing” New Construction - This will be a hybrid program between our normal construction program using primarily volunteer labor and acting as a regular General Contractor (more information coming soon).

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  • Shingles and branches
  • Delivering Cleaning Supplies
  • Children's Height Chart with Flooded Floors
  • Mold and Flooded Floors
  • Delivering supplies after the storm
  • trash on the street