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Habitat Repairs

One lesson learned from the Disaster Repair work GCHFH did after Hurricane Harvey was that deferred maintenance was a contributing factor to some of the more extensive wind damage to structures in the storm’s path. GCHFH was graced by funds from a local foundation that is interested in helping families earning between 35% – 80% of median income do some maintenance and make critical repairs to their homes.

One aspect of this program is a collaboration with the City of Victoria and the HUD funded CDBG program which will provide a roof for qualified homeowners, on a first come, first served basis.

Repairs and maintenance other than roofs will be funded at amounts between $1,000 and $5,000 and must be repaid. Liens on these projects will be in the form of 0% notes repayable over 12 – 60 months.

If you are interested in either the City of Victoria roof replacement program, or Habitat’s Critical Repair Program (CRP), please contact Cheryl Johnson at 361-573-2511.

Homes rebuilt with the support of

This program is supported by a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance. The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance provides grants to organizations serving veterans and their families. For more information, visit www.TVC.Texas.gov.

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