Hey Stud…

Help build a home by sponsoring a stud!

Sponsor a Stud

Did you know it takes over 300 studs to frame each Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity home?

How Does It Work?

Your family, friends, teams, groups and companies can help build a home by sponsoring a stud! Get creative! When you sponsor a stud you can decorate it by drawing or painting pictures, or writing messages to the family who will live in the home. Photos will be taken for use on social media. This sponsorship also includes an invitation to a viewing party to find your stud so you can see what your sponsorship helped create. You will also receive a Habitat Stud bumper sticker.

How Much? How Big? and Where?

Sponsorships are available at $100 per stud. Studs are 2x4s that measure 92 inches tall. For any questions, contact our team at [email protected]

Make a Donation


We are here to help answer your questions about your financial donation.