Transforming Lives and Homes with Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity in Victoria, Texas

Transforming Lives and Homes: Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity in Victoria, Texas

In the heart of Victoria, Texas, Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity shines as a beacon of hope, uniting communities, fostering homeownership, and enhancing a sense of belonging. This organization is a pivotal force for good, acting as a lifeline and catalyst for positive change.

Building Strength, Stability, and Self-Reliance Through Shelter

Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to ensuring everyone has a safe, stable place to call home. Through homeownership support, they empower families to build brighter futures by providing a hand-up, not just a handout.

A Brush With Kindness: Preserving Homeownership

This neighborhood revitalization program, "A Brush with Kindness," helps homeowners struggling to maintain their home exteriors. It includes minor repairs and yard cleanup to ensure residents can continue living in safe and comfortable homes.

The Benefits of "A Brush with Kindness"

  • Safer Entry: Installation of ramps and rails improves home accessibility.
  • Improved Health: Enhances homeowner well-being beyond aesthetic improvements.
  • Preservation: Exterior painting protects homes from the elements and ensures longevity.
  • Community Unity: Fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility.

How to Apply for "A Brush with Kindness"

If you meet the program's criteria, including demonstrating need, residing within the service area, and committing to sweat equity, you can apply for assistance:

Contact: Cheryl Johnston, Family Services Coordinator

Phone: 361-573-2511

Email: [email protected]

Get Involved, Make a Difference

Support Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity by volunteering your time, talents, or financial contributions. Join a movement that not only transforms homes but also lives, offering hope and stability to families in need.

For more information on how to contribute, visit Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity or call 361-573-2511.

Together, let's build a better future for Victoria, Texas, one home at a time.

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